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It was a glorious day as the golden sun shone brilliantly in the sky. I had butterflies in my stomach as today I was going to try and experience something new. I was going to meet my crazy bunch of students online after quite some time.

Suddenly, everything came to a halt.  The school was called off, and all of us are caged at our home.

The clock showed 11:00 am, and most of them were there in front of me adjusting their cameras and headphones. I absolutely had no idea how this online session will turn out and how they would react or adapt in a completely new set up of classroom.

I started the session by wishing them good morning to which they responded back with a broad smile which lifted my mood and made me happy. To break the ice, I asked, "How are you coping with this sudden change in life? "

All of them had their views to share, but I was amazed by the answer given by Vyomi. She said, "Though I am not allowed to move out of my house, I cannot play with my friends, I cannot call them at my home, but this is the need of the hour and to overcome this situation and fight against this highly contagious coronavirus this is the only way out." On the contrary, she was happy that she is helping her mum in her household chores and learning new skills.

I was elated by her answer. Suddenly, 9-year-old Vyomi seemed like an adult and mature to me.  She has beautifully coped up with this current situation and has shown a lot of maturity and tolerance in her behaviour.

Her words made me happy and made me realise that if this young one can show so much maturity, then we adults too can emulate her. It was terrific talking with all of them and my students. Today taught me that it is in our hands to be happy in any situation.

Bloom @ Billabong High International School Thane
Priya Wagle, Manjit Kaur, Manisha Joshi, Rinku Lapasia, Sharanjeet Sandhu, Ranjana Solanki

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