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Honesty & Respect - Inseparable Duo

It is said that “Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned” - Anonymous.

The boys in the school were very excited. Adrenaline was running high as the much- awaited inter-school sports meet was to be held at the end of the month. The selections were scheduled for that afternoon. Vikram and Ram were close contenders for the 100-metre race.

Ram was the most popular boy in his class due to his consistently good grades, and Vikram was the most unpopular for his usual below-average grades. This had made Vikram extremely jealous - a mindset that even the teacher couldn’t get rid of, despite her efforts. One night, he decided to try out a devious plan on Ram which he thought was harmless. He poured some oil just near Ram’s bed so that when he got up for practice the next morning, he would trip and fall and probably hurt himself. Sure enough, the next day, unfolded exactly as Vikram had hoped. The doctor advised Ram 2 weeks of rest which meant that he couldn’t participate in the race. Eventually, their school lost the race, while everyone secretly wished Ram had participated.

The school schedule limped back to the usual, post the competition. One day, the teacher called Vikram to her desk. She expressed her concerns about his grades as he had secured only passing marks so far. She told him that in order to move up to the next academic year he would need at least 80% by the end of the year. She decided to let one of the students in the class help Vikram out in a  Buddy System. She picked Ram for this task. Ram was very glad to be of help to Vikram. This kind gesture shocked Vikram. He wondered if Ram was mocking him or was an incredibly sincere person! Soon, Ram made a study schedule and started tutoring Vikram. In due course of time, Vikram began to realize what the other students and the teacher saw in Ram. He began to recognise that Ram was intelligent and generous, without a sense of bias. At last, he felt as though he had a real friend whom he could count upon. But  the guilt at what he had done gnawed at Vikram. Every day he would consider confessing to Ram; but was held back by the fear of losing the only friend he ever had.

Both Ram and Vikram worked hard and soon they took their exams. It was time for the results. On the day of the outcome, all the children waited expectantly and Vikram, in particular, held his breath.

The teacher announced everyone’s grades and said, “This semester, we have a surprise entry in the top 10...Vikram with 82%!!”                                               It was a glorious moment for Vikram and the first person he ran to and hugged was Ram! He couldn’t thank him enough. After school, he decided to tell Ram everything honestly. He told Ram of his terrible plan, driven as he was at that time by sheer envy. His heart was racing throughout the whole time he spoke. But to his surprise, Ram told him, “That’s okay Vik! Things happen, and I’m sure you didn’t do it consciously. Your jealousy had consumed the better part of you. You’re asking for forgiveness now, and that shows me that you’re a good person!”

Vikram was ecstatic beyond words. He was in tears and hugged Ram. His respect for Ram increased tremendously.

After this, they were more popularly known as the “Inseparable Duo”.
Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into failure, and simultaneously gaining respect.
Honesty is very important in building trust, making friends and being a successful student. Being honest can be difficult for kids, but is important.
Rectifier @ Billabong High International School, Thane
- Pallavi Harkare, Kalpana Dodia, Rajshri Mohite, Prerna Khanna, Priyanka Iyer, Mahalakshmi Iyer

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