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Values are very important for everyone because they help us to live a respectful life and play a key role in our overall development. Happiness is a sense of well-being and joy and helps in leading a satisfying life. Happiness for me is being surrounded in a positive and joyous environment. For example, if all the students near me are enjoying and happy, I feel happy.

If happiness is all around us than educators are better connected with children and as a result learning process becomes easier. Nowadays students are pressurized by the parents to excel in academics, leaving behind all other important things like sports, skills etc. which ultimately led them to live pressurized life at a very young age.

Educators can be a game-changer in this scenario by connecting with each student personally and create a healthy competitive environment as well as most importantly help them to find their passion. There are more ways to reduce their pressure like engaging them in skill, service and sports activities. If a person is happy then it's easier for him to be tolerant and can accept everything with patience. If a person is tolerant he will be respecting others opinion in spite of quickly judging them. There are a few ways to foster tolerance in students. Children should be felt special, safe and loved, and also by creating learning opportunities about a new place, people and culture will make them tolerant.

To create happiness and Tolerance in The Fabindia School, we teachers are connected with the students individually, respect their opinion and have given them to choose any skill activities through clubs and societies. And also lots of sports events are organised to foster tolerance in them.

Kusum Sharma
The Fabindia School

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