Express Your Appreciation For Your Teachers

Learning Forward India Foundation
Section 8 not-for-profit company
We grow the capacity of your people to improve student achievement and transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources.

Learning Forward India Professional Learning Program - Focuses on building professional learning communities. The program leverages the best in adult learning, research on organisational change, and practical experience to create capacity for sustained improvements in educators. #HappyTeachers

Mr RP Devgan, our Chairman, leads the growth of the Foundation and himself helps mentor and train Educators all over the country. He will be delighted to have you connect with him to strengthen the mission of the LFIN Foundation. You can share your time, your resources and even money to strengthen the Foundation.

We are committed to building a sustainable organisation for Happy Teachers and will value your professional capital, at no stage will you feel that this is pro bono, our association assures you of transparency and equity, we value every individual who cares to help schools deliver better. We have a committed set of advisors from all over the world, with 400+ years of total experience. 

Yes, we will much appreciate your contributions, it only takes Rs.1100.00 for one teacher to experience the Joy of Learning.

Express your love for your teachers.
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