State Of Education Today: Bharti Rao

What is Education? Education is a means of acquiring knowledge, skills, beliefs and values. It helps a person to bring out his individuality and know the world. But if we go to see the state of Education today in India, we see that it has become a source of producing unemployed graduates.  What is the reason behind this? It is so because many educational institutions are just money-generating enterprise and commercialized.

The real purpose of Education has disappeared somewhere due to the flourishing coaching centres and tutorials. These coaching centres and tutorials curb the creativity and originality of a child and instead indulge them into rote-learning. Education has become marks oriented without any actual learning happening on the part of the students. There is a mindless rat race to get good marks. They do not understand the subject, instead, just focus on obtaining marks. This is just making an endless number of puppets who have lost their individuality and their power to think.

The children nowadays miss their schools as they know that they can catch up in their tutorial classes what they have missed in their classes. Parents send their children for tuitions because they cannot help the students with their homework. School should give homework which should be clear and well-planned. A teacher should spend time in planning tasks which will be able to enhance creativity, skills and confidence in an individual and not to take tuitions.

Educators should help the students in improving their thinking skills and making them into strong individuals. After all these children are our future, the future of our nation.
Bharti Rao
The Fabindia

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