Integrity- a trait : Bharti Rao

How do children learn to be honest, respect societal norms, act in ways consistent with values, beliefs and moral principles they hold? This all is delivered to them either at home or in school. School is the second home for kids where they spent their valuable time. No child is born with integrity or behavioural traits. This all is groomed in them when they come to school.

In the school environment, students acquire these values and behaviours from adult role models and peers. To groom the students into good citizens as they are the future leaders, the teachers instil and reinforce a code of ethics in the classrooms. When students learn integrity in their classroom settings, it helps them to apply similar principles to other aspects of their lives.

The school environment helps the child in character building and integrity is a part of one’s character. Moral Values should be inculcated in a child by building relationships with teachers, peers and community. In school, a good student-teacher relationship comes from mutual trust and respect.

Honesty and Integrity is the two important traits that we should have in our academic and professional life.  We can help the students to learn integrity by engaging them in any activity or dialogue. Help the students to understand the importance of academic integrity and not to be stressed or under pressure.

Integrity means to be true to oneself. We should willingly do what is right even when no one is watching us. When we are true to our self we will always be happy as we are honest and trustworthy.
Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School, Bali

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