Privilege - A Misfortune: Bharti Rao

What does a child need to grow? A child needs grit, resilience and conscientiousness to grow and develop. But what are the parents doing today? They try to give all the privileges to their child to make his life comfortable in all means.  

Parents try to give the best to their child to make them happy and successful. But do you think is this correct? No, a parent by giving privileges is spoiling his child by giving this bait of worldly pleasures.

If we remove all obstacles and barriers from the child’s path, then how is he going to develop? We are robbing away all the opportunities by doing this. The need of the hour is not to give a child privilege, but to offer challenges to them which help them to grow and develop.

A privileged child as he grows up becomes egoist, arrogant and helplessness for no one likes such behaviour. The parents and educators need to collaborate to help a child to grow. School is the place which helps it to grow. We need the child to learn that they do not need the material possessions at their age.  Boarding schools are the best places where they learn the value of money, to be self-dependent, etc.

Exchange programs, trekking, night camps are some of the activities in which a child learns to lead a normal life, life with fewer resources, leadership qualities. They also learn to take up challenges and remove the obstacles that come in their way.  School is where the child inculcates to be empathetic and responsible. Children learn what is right or wrong for them.  Children should learn to think and explore on their own. We as Educators and parents should encourage the students to know themselves. When a child learns the sense of self then he will take up challenges, explore himself and be successful.
Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School, Bali

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