In Retrospect - RP Devgan

Lockdown seems a good time for educators, old and young, experienced and not so experienced, to look back at their careers. Look back over the years to see how they have progressed and developed.

Having been in touch with educators for over fifty years, I have come across two types. The first type who repeats the same year, year after year, and the other who grows and learns with time. One becomes stagnant, the other, enthusiastic and willing to learn, grows. 

It is good to see educators who, with a humble beginning, turn out to be great leaders and role models. These successful educators are the ones free of complexes and vanity and let go of their ego and stay open-minded, always willing to learn from their colleagues.

Educators, time and again, should look into themselves and iron out any shortcomings they may have. The following points may help in some self-appraisal.
  1. Patience: How perfect have you been as an educator? Do you lose your temper and shout at students or do you have the sense of humour to diffuse situations? Are you rude to your wards or colleagues? Rudeness and sarcasm cannot be a part of an educator.
  2. Sense of justice: In your years as an educator, have you always believed in justice and  fair play, in the case of prefectorial appointments, games captains and other such responsibilities? Injustice to a student in the final year can leave scars for life. It is upto the educators to see that the correct choices are made.There should be no place for nepotism or favouritism.
  3. Motivation: Have you been able to motivate and inspire ? It is important that with your passion and enthusiasm you make a difference in children’s lives by becoming a mentor and role model.
  4. Your versatility helps: Your talents, besides your knowledge of the subject you teach, go down well with the students. It helps them admire you and breaks down the barrier between the educator and students and brings them closer to each other.Educators’ knowledge of sports, entertainment, music and art helps in  bridging the generation gap.
  5. Latest trends: Keeping up with  the latest trends in education is important.Lessons in class should be interesting and innovative and keep up the student’s enthusiasm and curiosity. Children should look forward to their lessons and experience the joy of learning.
  6. Happiness: Are you happy with your job? Do you look forward to going to school and walk with confidence into the classroom? Is the atmosphere in the staffroom and the classes a happy one? An educators’s frame of mind helps in making the people around them comfortable and at ease. A happy educator spreads positivity around. It is important that the school be a happy place where all feel secure and part of a family. Ownership brings in trust and confidence in a society, that is a school. Keeping all this in mind, a self appraisal by an educator every now and then, helps in self-development. 
  7. We as Educators must wear the mantle of a mentor and role model and live up to the trust and faith put in us by the parents and students.
Rajinder Pal Devgan
Chairman Learning Forward India

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