Lockdown: Time to rediscover ourselves - Ajay Vijayvargi

Two successive lockdowns​ of 21 and 19 days due to the pandemic helped many of us 
discover our talent and potential. Being at home for so many days  in touch with our friends, family members, colleagues and students (those who are in education stream) and searching out old friends from our school and college life on social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram etc.

Those who are fitness conscious started doing yoga and other fitness exercises with the help videos on internet. Some enjoyed watching T.V for hours on various channels and improved their General Knowledge on various topics - Geography (spread of Covid- 19 from China), Life Science (symptoms of Covid-19, fever, difficulty in breathing, Hydroxy Chloroquine Sulphate), Political Science (how various leaders blaming China and WHO ) etc.

Many of us stuck to mobiles and laptops  and learnt new concept of Work from home and improved our knowledge on various apps as Google Classroom, Zoom, Hangouts and many more,kept themselves updated with these futuristic apps and concept.

Most of us also learnt the importance of freedom after being stuck at home due to lockdown, living with limited resources like no online deliveries by Zomato, Swiggy  etc,in red zones no vegetables, fruits, milk. No junk food, we learnt  life can be lived without all these. Most of us tried hands in kitchen whether it is simple cup of tea or some recipes from You tube.

The list is endless and unknowingly we discovered many values such as Unity - we all stood united to minimize the spread of pandemic, appreciation for ladies at home as during the lockdown when everyone is at home, their work in the kitchen has increased many times, help poor in the neighborhood with food, this list can also be endless.

We all collaborated​ in nation's progress by staying at home, trusted our leadership, developed  new vision towards our lives.

 Ajay Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School

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