Role of an Educator in Student's Life - Monika Vaishnav

An educator is not only the person who teaches in the class, but he is also the one who gives shape to the future of the student and shows him the right path. He does more than just being an employee. He becomes a teacher while he teaches in the class, he becomes a parent outside the classroom as he always takes care of the children whenever they are with him and he also becomes a friend when something needs to be taught apart from the studies or curriculum. He indirectly helps the parents to make their foundation stronger for life.  He prepares his lesson to teach in the class every day. He has to think about the performance of every child.

The educator has to build trust in children for himself because without trust he can't deliver the knowledge how much he wanted. He is always ready to help and guide the children whether it's about academic or non-academic. He always wants to enter the class with a small to make children happy. 

Sometimes, he has to be strict with them or scold them but as an educator I know he would choose this only if it is the last option. He too feels bad if he does that but sometimes, he has to correct them at the right time, if he doesn't, the child may have to face more than just being scolded by the educator. He is the person who will be more than happy on their success and progress and will be proud of them. His every action in the school is always in the betterment of his students. He never expects anything in return from them. 

I would like to add a quote, " Teaching is the profession that teaches other professions". Every student has one teacher in life who taught or guided him to be what he is today. He always wants his students to achieve their goals and make everyone proud of him. The school years get over one day but the bond and trust the educator and student build remains forever.

Monika Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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