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There is no respect for others without humility in one's self. - Henri Frederic Amiel

Vikranth was a child studying in grade 2 of Blossom school in Mumbai. He was the only child of his very well established parents.  He was a very thoughtful child from a tender age. One day, he asked for permission to go to the washroom. While he was on his way, he suddenly heard a loud sound. On looking back, he found that one of the frail-looking housekeeping aunties had slipped and fallen while cleaning the corridor. He quickly ran towards her and called out to her reassuringly.

He, somehow, managed to steady her to a standing position. She had hurt herself and was in great pain. He took the initiative to inform some other housekeeping staff and arranged to have her taken to the sickbay. The lady, in pain, felt a lot of relief after being treated in the sickbay. She blessed and thanked the child who had waited there to comfort her.

This act of humility in the child earned him a lot of appreciation from the class teacher, co-coordinator and the Principal of the school. He narrated this incident to his parents, who were also very happy. They too appreciated him and encouraged him to keep up his good work. Vikranth never stepped away from showing his humility. He continued with his good gestures no matter who needed his help. 

On the wings of time, he has grown up to be a thoughtful young man. He has now been chosen as a senate member of the School Student Council. When he was asked by the Principal about his future plans, he quite proudly and confidently answered that he wanted to work for those less fortunate than him and contribute to the society in whatever way he could. He truly won the hearts of his teachers and the Principal with this answer. He is always ready to help in arranging any event for the school. The Principal, all the teachers and his friends are ever appreciative of  Vikranth for his heart touching, humble gestures and bless him with all their hearts!
  - Innovators @ Billabong High International School, Thane
    Vaishali Phatak, Krishnakshi RaviShankor, Smita Bhobate, Bhumi Punjabi

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