Courage and Patience - Richa Solanki

How to teach the courage to students in their day-to-day school life can improve their learning, performance, at school. Teachers and Parents can make aware the students who lack confidence and encourage them. They can have good academic outcomes by matching that of confident students at the same level of ability.
Teachers and Parents can use it to boost and encourage students to set goals; to decide what they are aiming for and how to achieve goals. It is important to teach them that they walked along for a short time but lost courage or became impatient. Patience and courage are related to each other and good judges who are coming to show a radiant way of being in the world.
Patience is not waiting for something to pass because patience is not waiting for anything to pass; because courage is living with patience. Courage and patience are related together: courage is what you have to face with confidence and patience in the presence of doubt. Patience is not about waiting; it is giving us the time we need to think seriously and make the correct decision. Courage should not be confused withdrawing back, turning back or speeding on, going forward into an unknown future. Richa Solanki The Fabindia School

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