Responsibility and Cooperation - Bharti Rao

Responsibility and Cooperation are the two pillars that go hand in hand for cooperative
learning. Team building is a common factor of these two values. The efficient group members cooperate and pool in their efforts to achieve their proposed goals.

Cooperation helps to learn to overcome challenges together. When the children work together in a team they identify and solve their problems with each other's help. Cooperation also helps the children to understand other's opinions and inculcate the value of patience.

Teachers need to bestow responsibility for children from the very beginning. Teachers should give responsibilities for learning. Culture of responsibility and cooperation can be developed in school as a number of activities can be organised for them in and outside classrooms.

Responsibility is given to the students to organise events like Teacher's Day, Farewell, Annual Day etc. They will trust their team to exhibit a good show. Players on the field are also good examples of these values as together with their endurance and hard work try to achieve their goal. We all show our responsibility by giving our best in our team with the help of our team. 

On several occasions, I have given the responsibility to my students to look after the younger ones during trips, picnics, etc. Working together with the cooperation the students together with discipline carried out their work.  In the end, I would like to quote " Responsibility finds away. Irresponsibility makes excuses.

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School.

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