Trust and Simplicity - Kusum Sharma

Trust and Simplicity are very important values for our valuable life. These two values are
very well connected to each other because if a person is simple and reachable then everyone feels a personal connection with him and it's easier to share anything with him and this automatically makes him trustworthy.

With reference to this situation, before a few days ago I was explaining a few important points to students in the classroom and all students were responding well, but a girl who was new in that class and was sitting in a corner of the last bench. It seems that the girl is not able to understand the topics.

I went to her and asked the reason for her intimidation and she didn't answer and was rather sitting quietly and looking into her book. Suddenly a senior girl from class XII entered the classroom due to some necessary work. She was very good in  Social Science topics. I briefed her about the new girl and requested her to talk to her and find out the reason for her trouble. 

I told that shy girl to go out for a few minutes and talked to the senior girl regarding that topic. Both the girls went out for some time. After a healthy conversation, they both became good friends and the senior girl also taught her the way to learn the topics. The simplicity of that senior girl built a great trust, such that now the new girl has completely changed herself and started taking part in all class activities.

Kusum Sharma, The Fabindia School

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