Don't just do, talk too!

Untaboo is a company dedicated to Sex-Sexuality-Safety education.
It was launched in 2011 as ‘Out of the Box’. At that time, sex education was an out of the box idea, but in today's scenario it is a need; an urgent one!
However, there are still taboos surrounding it. We are a country of over a billion, so obviously we are indulging in sex – a lot of it! But the hesitations kick in only when we have to talk about it. These hesitations are what we at Untaboo hope to tackle and thus we have embarked on a mission to break those taboos and make sex education acceptable and accessible to all.
Because when we talk – we educate.
When we educate – we create responsibility.
When we create responsibility – change happens.
Be a part of the change – Be an Untabooer!
Make sex education a part of your child’s life.

Leading the untabooers is Anju Kish...

Anju Kish
Founder Director
UnTaboo Education
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