Simplicity and Trust-Ajay Vijayvargi

Simplicity means less complex, more communication, more effectiveness​ and trust means
when actions meet words. While going through life sketches of great personalities, I was greatly influenced by Mr.Ratan Tata, a person, a living legend who possesses both the attributes under discussion i.e Simplicity and Trust.

The pic of this great person which exhibit simplicity - imagine the person behind the Tata empire, in his factories where everything from salt to planes are manufactured, owner of one of the biggest steel plants showing trust in Indian traditions by lightning the lamp against the darkness of pandemic and showing trust in the leadership of India like millions of other Indians. A person who donated INR 1500 crores to Prime Minister's relief fund to fight COVID19 and once was denied check in a hotel during British times laid the foundation of The Taj at Mumbai.
This great personality who was a pioneer of industrialization of independent India. His leadership is unprecedented and a beautiful combination of simplicity and trust and a demonstration of the values of simple living, high thinking. Likewise, one should always try and remain simple and easy to understand which will help one to gain others trust and respect. Similarly, teachers who are responsible for nurturing the students should also be simple in their dealings and teaching as that's how they will be able to earn their students' trust and their relationship will go way longer. 

Ajay Vijayvargi, The Fabindia School

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