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A friend is hope when life is a low…a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go…”

Rhea and Cecilia were inseparable friends since the days they joined their new school. Their bond of friendship was much talked about in school. They actually set an example for everyone as to how friendship could help one sail through all problems with ease. 

Both of them had the same choice of food, dresses…they would share everything in life. Cecilia and Rhea’s friendship spilt over post their school hours too and they spent a lot of time together studying, singing, dancing together at either of their homes whenever they would get time. 

Their parents too were happy with this bond they shared because they felt that both these girls had a very fulfilling relationship…they wouldn’t let go of each other’s hand at the time of distress. Each was ready to fish the other out of any trouble that would ever come up. Thus the days flew past happily and both these vibrant teenagers passed out with flying colours in their ICSE exams. 

Now came a difficult choice for them both, since Rhea, aspiring to be an aeronautical engineer had to pursue Science and Cecilia wanting to start up her own business chain, wanted to pursue Commerce. Both these girls decided to stay on in the same school but were put in the sections of their individual choices. They had no other option but to accept it and so they did. Each of them assured each other that their bond of friendship was matured enough to sustain the distance between classrooms. 

By the end of Grade XI, they started realising that they had become so busy with their own fields of study that they could barely get time with each other. Their free time of singing and dancing together had now been replaced by the various different tuition that they had to attend. To top this up, Rhea, the more outgoing one among the two had been chosen as the school Head Girl. She now had to shoulder various responsibilities and be involved in a lot more activities in school, thus, not able to spend time with Cecilia even during breaks. Both of them had started feeling distanced from each other. They could no longer confide in each other, even found it difficult to communicate with each other…and with a little more time stopped talking to each other totally. This distancing in their friendship affected both their well being and reflected in their low scores as well. She instilled in them the hope that nothing was lost….the hope that true friendship can never be broken, it can only strengthen with time. The girls believed in their teacher and realised their mistake and promised never to let go of the hope of friendship which will make them sail through all adversities in life.

Innovators@ Billabong High International School, Thane
 -Vaishali Phatak, Krishnakshi RaviShankor, Smita Bhobate, Bhumi Punjabi

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