Courage and Patience: Urmila Rathore

Both courage and patience complement each other.

Whenever we find a situation unfavourable, we get scared or maybe try to run away from it.

It is often seen that we hesitate to get out of our comfort zone and think that now I do not know what will happen; can I succeed in a new task? Can I reconcile with an unfavourable situation or unknown people? Can I do better there? Many other questions come to our mind. This is why we start losing our confidence and unknowable fear keeps on frightening us. But when we are determined to face this unintentional fear and mental duality, our courage starts growing and with that, we come halfway across already. Now when we have travelled half the journey, then we win half the journey with qualities like patience. For this, firstly, confidence in us and continuity in work is very important. That is true patience.

When an ant repeatedly fails to reach atop something manifold its weight but still can endure to success,  that's because of its courage and patience, that’s because of its 'trying countless times' that it succeeds in the end.

We have to accept this learning because there are endless possibilities in human beings if they try patiently and continuously. I was very impressed by an incident of a few days ago when four children were playing a game of Ludo. In these three boys were teenagers, who were 12 to 18 years old and a fourth boy was about 8 years old. Those four boys started playing Ludo. Three boys - Sidhu, Vishal and Priyank, and Yash, the fourth one was younger to them.

Now the rules of the game we're told and predictions were made as to who could win. Yash said that I will come first while all three of them refused to include him stating that he would lose but keeping in mind his interest and desire to play, he was also included. All prophesized their own victories. The game started with Yash playing patiently while others got extremely impatient as he managed to throw a six while others were having their tokens' lockdown, unable to get a six. Finally, all his tokens were out from the square and I got very eager to know the next and wanted to be in the game. At the same time, Yash's courage was distracting them all. Frequent ups and downs made the game exciting. The cheating took place somewhere in the game and there was a big debate about this, but eventually Yash's honesty, patience and courage led him to victory.

In this way, we can say that we can ensure victory by remaining calm in any task or situation. Patience gives us the courage to fight against difficulties.
Urmila Rathore
The Fabindia School

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