Simplicity and Trust - Bharti Rao

Simplicity is when you are less complex. If you're less complex then you will be able to communicate with others effectively. Learning comes when you're simple and this leads to creativity. Simplicity helps to create a learning environment and also helps us to connect with our students. There are many personalities who are down to earth and so are recognised.  

If you're simple then you are understandable and this helps you to gain respect and trust. A culture of trust should be built-in schools. Trust is a part of healthy relationships. Educators who are responsible for nurturing the students should be simple in their dealings. An educator should always listen actively to their students, then the only trust will be built between them and the student will share his desires, pain to his teacher.

Empathy and motivation by a teacher help the students to trust their teacher. Trust is a common factor in schools where relationships between the students, parents, teachers and community are built. We show our trust in Students by giving them responsibilities. This helps them to inculcate leadership qualities and build relationships. Respect everyone's opinion, provide opportunities to others and interaction helps to build trust. In the end, I would like to quote"When the trust is high, communication is easy, instant and effective.". - Bharti Rao, The Fabindia School.

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