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Responsibility is one of the attributes that can be considered as one of the `Master
Attributes`, the question is how? If a person is responsible, he will be trusted by more people, a person who can be trusted will be liked and loved more, so he will be respected everywhere, these attributes will, in turn, make him courageous and give him opportunities to lead, which will make him a decision-maker, one who makes the decision for others will be simple and honest, a combination of all this will create an aura around that person i.e. he can be distinguished easily in the society.

 Responsibility means duty which can be towards oneself also along with family, society, country or towards the environment (Earth) and humanity. It can also be defined as an obligation, responsible for your words and action. Responsibility will develop leadership and teamwork, now this teamwork will lead to the other value `Cooperation`.

Cooperation will develop trust and collaboration within his teammates which will yield better learning, output with an increase in work efficiency and results; this will also develop harmony in relations and understanding between stakeholders. The simplest example of cooperation is a family where every member of the family bound by blood relations work together with responsibility  - kids do their studies, lady look after the house and all family members performing household chores happily and of course, the head of the family safeguarding the interests of all members, giving emotional and financial support.

Similarly, the examples of cooperation can be the organisation in which we work, between the leader and the masses and so on. Academicians and Educators cooperate for school betterment.   
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