Responsibility and Cooperation: Urmila Rathore

Both responsibility and cooperation run parallel, which usually means - taking everyone together with a feeling of loyalty and dedication for each other.
When we talk of responsibility, we feel a different experience like - the whole part is on our shoulders and we will try to do it well but we cannot do it without our colleagues. Yes, if we divide our work or challenge then it becomes easy.
A skilled leader is the one who shares his power and responsibility among his peers.

It is the responsibility of a person to be aware of the health, education and duties of himself, his family and society, care for nature and help the needy to the best of his ability.

Our youth have a responsibility towards the country, to work in the national interest. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean and safe. Communicate positive thoughts. Give a message of unity by participating in social and religious functions, so that the spirit of cooperation is instilled in the people.

In our homes and school, students should be taught ethics so that the child respects elders, can help his friends, classmates, physically and financially weak people, as well as take care of the school, school premises and related things and its maintenance.

In school, a learner must acquire moral values ​​along with learning. There should be a feeling of cooperation and respect among children and that honour should be put in the progress of their society so that their future will become golden.
Urmila Rathore
The Fabindia School, Bali

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