The Importance of Good Manners - Punita Chouhan

Everyone praises good manners but few can practice them. They are medicines which
are good for every disease. Good manners are the sign of all progress in the world. They are the beauty and glory of our actions. Other qualities do not affect us so much as good manners do. Bad manners create evil beings. The wicked people who insult us are never liked by us. We must have regard for the opinions of others. That is a sign of good manners.

Man is the maker of his own date. He has a key by which he puts himself in dark or in light. If a man follows the evil things and becomes loose charactered he cannot improve his life and would be a burden on society, but if a man possesses good qualities, he can improve his life, society and the country and he can achieve his goal.

Good manners are the backbone of our life. They exert the greatest influence on the career of a man. A man of character is the key to the progress of society. Physical strength is nothing when compared to moral strength. We should build our character because it is a source of pleasure to others. Behaving well with others means having regard for their personality. Wealth gives us temporary luxuries but good manners and strong characters give us permanent happiness. Everybody in society will be happy to know us if we have a good character.

Punita Chouhan
The Fabindia School

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