Responsibility and Cooperation - Kusum Sharma

Doing our duty properly without any excuses is the responsibility and working together to the
same end is cooperation. When we stop blaming and complaining about others and we do our work with confidence, in this situation we actually show responsible behaviour.

I experienced an incident regarding these values. I was given to teach Social Science in class X, which is considered the naughtiest class in the school. When I started teaching in the classroom I found few boys were not at all interested in the topic and tried to disturb others in one or the other ways. 

For a few days, I observed the children and tried to recognise the students that were disturbing elements in the class. I discussed with a few of my colleagues and we all together started giving them the responsibility to look after younger children in all the occasions happened in the school. It was a wonderful experience for me that when students were given responsibility they all worked together with cooperation and did the tremendous work for the discipline of the classes.

Kusum Sharma
The Fabindia School

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