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Raj, a young boy, was very intelligent and was always ready to help his friends. There was another boy named Smith, who struggled with his studies and scored poorly in his exams.
Due to his academic performance, Smith was made fun of by his classmates and this often demoralized him.

Raj disliked the behaviour of the others with regard to Smith and he wanted to do something to change it. Smith's parents were also worried about his education.

Raj hit upon a plan. He felt that if he could help Smith with his studies, the latter may fare better. So after, school Raj would visit Smith's house and to with him.

Raj had a belief that if he could help Smith and motivate him positively, he would surely progress. The good Samaritan also told his classmates not to bully Smith and encourage him. In addition, the class teacher also encouraged him to study hard with innovative teaching methods so that he felt an interest in studies.

After 15 days of efforts and cooperation from his classmates, Raj and the class teacher, Smith was truly prepared for his exams. He cleared his exams with flying colours. Smith's parents were immensely happy and highly appreciated everyone's efforts.

This was all Smith needed - a realisation that he could do it! Since then Smith became a responsible child and he understood that only hard work and determination can guarantee success in life. He was very thankful to his class teacher and Raj, as without their cooperation he would not have got a chance.
Be Responsible, Be Respectful
Optimizer @ Billabong High International School Thane
- Kshama Rajgor, Kalyani Chaudhari, Madhubala Saji, Momita Banerjee, Rupal Trivedi, Ajita Bhoir, Sanket Patel

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