Courage and Patience - Bharti Rao

Courage and patience are the virtues that go hand in hand and help us to reach the ladder of success. We are always haunted by the fear of not doing anything. We should have the ability to overcome our fear and exhibit courage. We should relish challenges with determination, courage and patience.  If we are courageous we can live a life with honour and respect.
We should always accept to take up challenges and show our courage and patiently wait for our results. If you are courageous and patient you can conquer anything. Children should be motivated by their educators to step by step patiently reach the ladder of success. I recall the incident of one of my students who with motivation has gained success and achieved his goal. Arvind Sonigra did not speak much because he used to stammer and so all the students made fun of him. 
First counselling of the students was necessary so I started motivating Arvind to show his talent in sports. Slowly his classmates understood that we should not make fun of anyone for everyone is unique and are talented in some way or the other. Then whenever I took reading classes I asked him to read and told him that he can do it. He showed his courage and overcame his challenge of stammering. He gained his self-confidence and even participated in competitions and was even secured positions.   Today he teaches English in Jodhpur. In this way, he was able to overcome his disability of stammering and is successful in his life. 
So be patient and with courage and perseverance, you can achieve everything. I would like to end by quoting Winston Churchill’s words, ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.
Bharti Rao, The Fabindia School

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