Courage and Patience - Nikita Rajpurohit

Courage refers to the strength of overcoming a fear. It is very important as it helps the child to grow bold. It boasts a child's confidence. Whereas, patience refers to staying calm in a situation and waiting for your turn to act. Every child is different in their own way so we can say that some children are naturally more patient than others. But we can teach patience to children by taking the same simple steps like teaching them self control, having purposeful delays and making them wait for their turns.

These strategies could help the children to make patience a habit. I remember an incident 7/8 years back when an adventure was organised for our school students in the school. It was paragliding. Everyone was excited about it because most of them had never seen it or experienced it. It was happening for the first time in our area. So they all were eagerly waiting for it.

When the day arrived, all the students were taken to the nearby ground. They all were getting impatient and wanted to do it first. Then the teachers advised them to patiently wait for their turn saying that everyone would get a chance to do it. When the trainer showed them how it's done, many students got excited but some students got scared on seeing him flying in the air. When their turn came, they got very nervous and frightened. Then they stepped back saying that it's not their cup of tea and they ended up refusing for the event. After that, a few teachers called the students and asked their reason for the refusal. After listening to them, the teacher called the event officer and informed him about the situation. Therefore the officer went up to the students and told them that it's not at all a risk for any one of them and they supervise each and every second of the event and they guarantee students' protection. This gave a major relief to the students and they started their way back to the event.

This shows us a scenario where at a moment, students were impatient and had great excitement for the adventure but then they lost courage and patience and how the teacher and the adventure officer made it a successful adventure trip. This was just an example of a single scenario, but there are numerous scenarios where the teacher can preach students about the lesson of courage and patience.
Nikita Rajpurohit The Fabindia School

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