Responsibility and Cooperation - Byju Joseph

Responsibility is a virtue to be possessed by everyone. It is a positive action towards a goal to fulfil. It makes a person think properly and take the necessary action to achieve it. Responsibility is also the dedication to perform certain duties. As a human being, as a citizen of the country, as a member of society and as a member of the family, we all should do our duties effectively. 

Those who are responsible for everything become more confident in their actions. It helps them to develop self-respect and self-control. Thus it helps them to develop their personality. Hence it is one of the personality traits. Responsibility will be varied in person to person according to their situations and positions. Being educators we have much more duties that the character formation of children is in our hands and that must be carried out carefully. It is the duty of educators to provide knowledge but it does not mean education. It is part of education only. Inculcating and nurturing the values in children and making aware of the importance of them are the major duties of educators. The goal of each educator is to make their children better citizens of the country. 

As a parent, we have the responsibility to take care and provide all facilities to our children. There are many adverse circumstances in our life which may tend to deviate from our duties and responsibilities. The strong will power only will help us to deal with such situations. As a social being, we all depend on each other in some of the other ways. So it is very important to share or help each other. Then it becomes an act of working together for a common purpose. It is exactly the cooperation. 

By cooperation, we are accepting and respecting the thoughts and ideas of others. Through this, we learn to work with the help of others as a team. In an institution or a company or any work site each and everyone to cooperate to accomplish the task assigned. Then there will be a common responsibility but individual responsibility is equally important. In the present education system, the teacher has a role of facilitator but it does not mean to deviate from responsibilities. It is there, at the same time students have responsibilities towards their duties. In the teaching-learning process mutual understanding and cooperation are essential. They should perform their duties and put their hundred per cent efforts to achieve better results. It is not an inborn trait, so it should be developed by everyone at an early age. 

Children are not bothered about their responsibilities but from their parents and teachers, they gradually learn and become responsible individuals. Teachers have the duty to make their students understand the importance of taking responsibilities. It is possible by assigning certain positions or works on a regular basis. Then they will surely cooperate with teachers and perform their duties well. 

- Byju P. Joseph,  The Fabindia School

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