Courage and Patience - Kusum Sharma

Courage and patience go hand to hand because we need the courage to keep patience. Just related to this, I have recalled a stressful situation of a child due to examination pressure and parents' high expectations. It was one fine day of winter, I was enjoying my holiday. An email notification popped up on my screen. It was a wonder for me that I did not access my Gmail then how could I get a notification. I tried to find out about this, and the day passed away. Next day when I went to school, I tried to discover the matter.

After a lunch break, a child rushed to me to inform me of something. As I was busy teaching, I asked him to meet me after a lesson. The child came to me and was about to cry. I consoled him and asked the matter. Firstly he felt sorry and stated that due to exam pressure and his father's strict behaviour, he tried to open my email for the exam paper and after a few attempts, he was successful in accessing my mail Id. And after that in great fear of being caught by me, he formatted his gadget. I listened to everything patiently and dealt with him affectionately. I praised him for his courage of being truthful and also advised him to use his skill of technological advancement in an affirmative manner. I also explained to him a few ways to deal with exam pressure. The child listened carefully to all the ways to reduce stress from me and was very happy. Today he is a very good techie student and always tries to help his friends and teachers to make the technology easier for them.
Kusum Sharma, The Fabindia School

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