Courage and Patience - Jitendra Suthar

It is very good to be courageous. A person who never bows down to something wrong and
raises a voice against it is said to be courageous. But having patience is much more important for a person. There can be situations where time plays an important factor, where we have to keep patience for things to get back on track. If we don’t do so, things might go wrong, and our being courageous may affect us badly if we don’t stay calm in some situations. 

Courage and patience go with each other simultaneously. We can say how courageous and hardworking the Ant might be, who tries to climb long-distance walls, falls much time keeping patience trying again and again, and finally reaching the desired destination. 

Whenever a person develops the habit of saying the truth and stands by it no matter what the consequences are, they will develop courage automatically. It is the power to stand by the truth and tackle things without any hesitation. At times, there are a lot of people who work for something and expect results immediately. A kid at an early age goes to the gym for a workout with the feeling that someday he will transform himself into a bodybuilder.

He goes to the gym daily, has a hard workout, and returns home.  After 2 months, a kid starts getting depressed because he couldn’t achieve that stage and leave that gym, while others who continue to work outcome out of great results later on. That was the time when he realized that things would have gone into the correct lane if he would have kept patience. So, stay focused on whatever we are doing, learn to say right or wrong without any fear and stay calm, results will definitely go on a good track.

Jitendra Suthar
The Fabindia School

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