Courage and Patience - Swati Sood Agarwal

Everybody wants to be a winner, but I doubt whether everyone wants to do what needs to
be done in order to become one. The winner is not who you see at the ceremony: he is the one that mustered the hardihood and needed the perseverance to wade through the thorny bushes of the hydra-headed challenges before him. 

For the winner, the pressure to quit the race was much more forceful than the will to sustain the tempo, yet he was able to go through the misty journey. Every winner today has his or her story to tell; his or her experience to share, and his or her knowledge to externalise. Interestingly, most winners the world over were losers in retrospect. If that be the case, many people would want to know what it is that drives such serial losers from the painful era of losses to an era of success.

Swati Sood Agarwal

The Fabindia School

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