Courage and Patience - Manisha Deora

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. Courage means facing your own fears. We should have the courage to accept the challenges in our life. We should be able to stand up for what we know is right, even if we stand alone. We should encourage others to do the right thing even if peer pressure is against you. We should be brave when something scares us, like climbing a high wall, etc. We should be brave enough, to tell the truth even if it will get us into trouble and also have the courage to apologise when you know you have done something wrong.

We should be able to do something challenging and give it our beat, even when our fears tell you not to bother. We should have the courage to try something new in our life. We should have the courage to stand against our friends and family if we are being wrongly treated. Children should have the courage to speak in front of their classmates or the audience. Courage helps children gain their self-confidence. It enables a child to select right or wrong and to act according to his/her will. A child with moral courage sticks to his own principles does not compromise with evil forces. Patience is the ability to tolerate, waiting, delay or frustration without becoming upset. It is being able to control your emotions and proceed calmly. Patience is not losing your temper. Patience is following the rules and being calm. We should wait quietly. It is about controlling our frustration. Patience is making the right decision, eg - not by hitting but by walking away if we are angry or frustrated. We should be tolerant, especially with the younger siblings. It also means controlling our excitement and not interrupting when people are talking. We should wait for our turn to come in anything. If you have patience, it helps you to lead a simpler and happy life. We should help people understand that you can't always get everything you desire. You should have the patience for what you desire. The importance of patience should be realised by every individual. Life is about accepting the present moment. Patience is a virtue that everybody must possess. Patience makes us better people. To achieve your dreams, you must have the zeal to overcome challenges and the power to overcome comes only from patience. Patience is accepting other people as they are and it makes them tolerant. By being impatient, you suffer more than other people. If things are not going the way you want them to, instead of getting frustrated, you must learn to be patient. Manisha Deora The Fabindia School

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