Happiness and Tolerance: Prerna Rathod

Happiness is a sense of well being or contentment with yourself and what you have. It is
described as an emotional and mental state of a person. Happiness has different meanings for a different person. A person close to us that is our relatives and friends can directly affect our mood. 

Tolerance is the ability or willingness to accept others opinion even if we don't like it. If you are tolerant towards others you will find happiness in any situation. We had a cooking competition in our class. Students were very excited to make dishes without using a flame. Everyone voluntarily brought the required items to make bhel and dahi puri.

On a cooking day, the students were very happy and excited. All were given duties according to their ability. One student,  Rahul was cutting tomatoes and cucumbers.  Some girls came to me and told me that he is cutting large pieces of vegetables and we require small pieces. I asked them, what if it was someone from your family. Then what would you do? They told that they will help him or show him how to do it. So I said you have the solution. Show him or you can cut the big pieces again as per your requirement.

As each one wanted to some work, let Rahul do his part. So, the girls agreed and the dishes were prepared. The judges liked our dishes. All students ate and then cleaned the classroom. Everyone was happy and both boys and girls worked together to make the dishes. Later they shared the dishes they made.

Prerna Rathod
The Fabindia School

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