Happiness and Tolerance: Punita Chouhan

“The Smiley face is a well –known symbol for happiness.”

Happiness is an important value in human life. It makes life much easier than other things.
When a person is happy in his life then he will make his surrounding happy.

Happiness is all about having a balance between pleasure and purpose and when we’re setting goals, it should come from a place of what’s going to make us feel more of these feelings rather than what we think should make us happy.Some different values also play an important role to make it valuable -like honesty, behaviour, politeness, tolerance, etc because these values are interconnected with each other.

“Tolerance and happiness are necessary for our species,”
Tolerance is one such thing that is developed through difficulties. Sometimes it sounds like that happier person tolerates more. Actually  from one side it can look like that people are compromising and tolerating for happiness but it is not. Happiness is the choice, some can be happy without anything and some can be unhappy with everything. But I think happiness is all about controlling our mind to being, therefore, promoting happiness just means helping out other people and getting along positively. Having a positive mindset is the first step to attain 'happiness’. Tolerance is ‘good’ stress; it doesn't make anyone happy or angry. But if you ask for the reason after tolerating, then it becomes knowledge. The stress is gone.

Happiness comes from fulfilment. If you have a vision and strive for that vision you will be happy. Success always comes last.  

Punita Chouhan
The Fabindia School

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