Happiness and Tolerance: Swati Sood Agarwal

Living in a tolerant society is especially significant for increasing levels of happiness
because it enhances people's free choice. Happiness is correlated with social tolerance, however, also with tolerance of out groups and gender equality.

Sometimes it sounds like that happier person tolerates more actually from one side it can be looked like that people are comparing and tolerating for happiness but it is not. Happiness is the choice,  some can be happy without nothing and others can be unhappy with everything. But I think happiness is all about controlling the mind to be a real Happy person. Fortunately, it brings to the two vital things: Exuberance and Tolerance, manifested physically as well as emotionally. On the whole, it was a truly rewarding experience.

Happiness: In group bonding, learning new skills and spending time away from school.
Tolerance: Physically demanding, emotionally challenging, disciplinary issues.

Swati Sood Agarwal
The Fabindia School

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