Happiness and Tolerance: Swabhi Parmar

Happiness is a sense of contentment and joy. Yes, it is not permanent in life but we cannot
say it is temporary either. Happiness is something which is obtained from inner peace. Now, How do we inculcate this value in ourselves is the question of the hour. This can simply be accomplished by developing the quality of tolerance in us. If we are tolerant, then this quality will be reflected in front of our children. I would share a small story of how tolerance led to happiness in The Fabindia School, Bali.

It was a happy day in the school and everyone was excited because the school was going to organise a night camp. Children were very happy and excited to join the night camp. All of them started planning what things to get, what clothes to wear and so on. Finally, the day of night camp arrived. The chilly wind blew because it was the month of December. Educators and children were distributed in teams for various activities. 

The classrooms were converted into restrooms and the students were distributed class wise. But there was one issue which Priya faced. Priya was a shy girl. She didn’t speak too much with anyone. She was excellent in studies but not good at communicating with friends. She also joined the night camp but soon she felt alone. All her friends seemed excited about sharing beds, food and so on but Priya was a little bit uncomfortable and then she started crying and she wanted to go back home. 

The students of her class rushed to the class teacher and said, "Priya wants to go home and she is weeping continuously." The teacher took this situation as an opportunity to make Priya friends with other girls in her class. She went into the room and told all the girls to gather in front of her. The teacher told the girls to be friends with Priya and made her feel comfortable. All the girls followed what the teacher told them to do. All the girls went to her, they asked her to play games, gossip about favourite movies, cartoons etc. After the persuasion of the teacher, all the girls became friends with Priya and they altogether enjoyed activities which were carried forward in school.

This small incident of Priya taught all the girls the value of tolerance, acceptance, cooperation and kindness. This tolerant behaviour of other girls led Priya to happiness. By a small act of motivation, every child can be benefited. This is how Priya attained her happiness and she enjoyed the night camp.

Swabhi Parmar
The Fabindia School

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