Happiness and Tolerance: Richa Solanki

Happiness is satisfaction comes from inner self which makes you feel good and happy. It can be helping someone who is in need and finding pleasure is happiness, experience a new things. When you choose happiness,  then you are attracted to all the happy things as well. You can't wait for circumstances to be better, you have to create your own willing.

School is place where students build strong interpersonal  relationships with the  teachers and learn to be  happy with their studies. Happiness plays a pretty important role in our lives, and it can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Happiness can be either feeling or showing, it means that happiness is not necessarily either internal or external experience, but can be both. Happy people are more productive and more creative, and its effect extends  all the positive emotions. To be happy, we should have tolerance also. 

Tolerance is to accept others with their different qualities and views. We must respect and appreciate diversity we have to create a happy environment because without it, happiness can not be achieved. 

Teaching tolerance is one of the best practices that helps people to live together in happiness . Teaching tolerance, peace, human rights, respect, cooperation, understanding, appreciation and human values have been one of the main educational and teaching activities of many educational systems.

Students always practice what they see, hear and they are taught in the class. It is important to make them learn to accept others who they are , instead of making differences and also correct them when they speak negatively about the people or other child because they are different from them. This will be helpful to make them think positive thoughts about themselves and others too. 

Richa Solanki
The Fabindia School

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