Happiness and Tolerance: Manisha Deora

Happiness is a feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. This is what the children say
happiness is playing with friends, fun on holidays, listening to people and laughing, when someone smiles at you, playing with baby siblings, freedom to choose, being the star of the day, etc....

Every school must provide an environment to keep their students in a happy mind always. This mainly depends on the teachers who handle those students. We must appreciate their hard work. A student may be unhappy because of the following reasons, like a boring method of teaching or they did not get time to play.

‌‌We might  have noticed a thing with students where they feel very happy when the school bell rings at 3 or 4 p.m in the evening. They run like they have participated in any race to reach home. But when they come to school in the early morning, it is totally opposite. It is in the hands of the teachers to do the changes which they need in their students.

Tolerance is about appreciating that we all have different views and opinions. It is the ability, willingness or capacity to tolerate something. Sometimes, this makes children uncomfortable but through understanding tolerance, we can learn how to accept others even if we don't agree. An intolerant child may not accept the views, beliefs or behaviour which differs from their own. Ignorance and fear of other cultures, nature  and religions can lead to children developing poor attitudes towards accepting and celebrating an individual's self-worth.

 So, we should teach children about tolerance and human rights. We should encourage children to be open-minded individuals who are curious and want to learn from others apart from themselves only.  We should try asking our children about various cultures, nature and religions, so that they can understand and appreciate the different views and opinions of other cultures and religions also.

Manisha Deora
The Fabindia School

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