Honesty: Direct Proportional to Respect - Jitendra Suthar

Honesty means having moral principles, to which a person sticks forever. When a person is honest, the first principle is not to compromise with anything happening wrong. Being honest means keeping truth on top of everything.  

As per Human tendency, we all love the feeling of getting respect. Respect itself is a great value of kindness everyone should learn. Respect will bring a lot of change in one's life. A polite, kind & helpful person gets respected.
An incident of class, where there was a child who was always shy to express himself in front of the whole class. There were times when a teacher forced that kid to answer and express himself in front of everyone. The teacher observed that child for two weeks. After that, she decided to bring out the best of that child.
Later on, she started making him speak, read and explain whichever topic he felt was easy. She practised this for a week and every time he answered something, the teacher appreciated him. With this, that child started taking more and more part in-class activities. This built his confidence and made him respected more in class.
Kids in class are honest in any situation, only thing is we, as a teacher, should try to make them express themselves to get respect also and when these kids start getting respect, they automatically start building honesty. No one will be dishonest with others because gaining respect is not easy and once we get that respect and appreciation for our work, we always try to keep things going on.
Jitendra Suthar
The Fabindia School

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