A Peaceful Home - Sharmila Vijayvargi

When children are small, the parent shows concern, care and love for them. When parents are old, children show love, care and concern for them. As a result, everybody feels, "Someone else is concerned about me, someone is reaching out to me, someone is caring for me and someone loves me." It is a love relationship. Where a love relationship exists, peace also exists.

Of all, our parents are most dear to us. They give us our very life and we owe our life to them.  We are on this earth because of their love. We now realise how helpless were we during our childhood and all we are today is much because of our parents' sacrifice. We can't even count how many sacrifices they must have made for us! Sacrifice is love!! Many of us have achieved success in our lives because of our parent’s untiring work and sacrifice. They mould our character. Whatever we have and possess, it is because of them. 

When they have done so much for us, love, respect and obedience are our duties towards our parents. We should try and repay whatever they do/have done for us with dedication and love. Our love must be shown in action and not words. Parents should be proud of our actions and behaviour. Like every human is too respected because of his or her human dignity and every elder is to be respected because of his or her age wisdom and experience similarly we ought to respect our dear parents in all places and at all times. 

Parents wish nothing but our good. To honour our father and mother also means fulfilling their wishes. Thus, it is always a two-way street. Show care, concern and love to everyone at home. Let everyone feel that peace is a feeling one gets within oneself when one cares for someone.

Shamila Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School

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