Happiness and Tolerance: Usman Gani

If we were to further reflect, we would understand that our happiness is always dependent on something so we are always in the process of seeking or striving for happiness. So for example, “If I get a promotion then I will be happy”, “If my children score good marks then I will be happy”, If I get my dream car then I will be happy”, if I get admission in this the university then I will happy” all these are conditional statements talking about a time in the future so we are always postponing our happiness. The constant striving, struggling, wanting, achieving, planning, regretting, disappointments, anticipation all these lead to stress.

Our brains are designed for happiness. In the brain, there are caregiving systems in place for eye contact, touch and vocalizations to let others know we are trustworthy and secure.

Training our brain through attention and awareness exercises takes it possible for us to think in a happier, more optimistic, and more resilient way.

Tolerance literally means tolerance; tolerance is the ability to tolerate behaviours and opinions other than one. Tolerance consists of a sense of coexistence. Tolerance in a positive sense means accepting and respecting the existence of those thoughts, opinions or religions etc. even if its views/opinions/religion is different from yours.

Everyone likes a tolerant person. Nobody likes being intolerant. Being tolerant is difficult, but not impossible. In case of any kind of tension, we should show tolerance. This will not increase the matter and the atmosphere will remain normal.

Like – Tolerance is not weakness: - Many people understand the meaning of tolerance as weakness. This will be called their fault. Many people are eager to answer brick with stone. This does not end, but increases. A round of accusation begins. Silent tension arises and the heat and tension of inexplicable prevalence in the environment. Only through tolerance can the atmosphere be relaxed and normalized.
Usman Gani
The Fabindia School, Bali

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