Respect and Honesty: Kusum Sharma

Respect and Honesty both the values are very important for keeping a healthy relationship
with anyone. Honesty creates peace of mind and promotes trust... It is not only about telling the truth but to care for someone without thinking about the profits. A girl who is studying in my class always sits quietly and I observed that she is more comfortable in school rather than at home. But she was not at all interested in studies.

She always brought a tiffin box without any vegetables. I don't know but I felt some special attachment with the girl and was curious to know about her.  One day those class students were asked for notebooks corrections, as usual, the girl refused to submit the notebook. I got a chance to talk to her. I called and asked her about her problem.  

Firstly she could not speak a single word but when she felt affectionate to me she burst out and told her story that she was living with her mother and paternal uncle, who was a drunkard and used to abuse her for small mistakes. She didn't get respect from anyone at home, so she was not honest with anyone. When she felt good, respected, then started trusting others and now the girl has completely changed in behaviour and studies as well.

Kusum Sharma
The Fabindia School

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