Honesty wins Respect: Ajay Vijayvargi

Honesty cannot be  associated with monetary transactions alone, it is required in every
aspect of human life. For example, an honest factory worker will report on time, leave on time and will not waste precious work hours in gossip or doing non-productive work, not getting involved in any type of politics etc will always gain respect from his seniors, colleagues and subordinates. Now take another example of a country leader working long hours, taking decisions in the interest of his nation and people only, decisions on time, no scams and so on will make him win respect from countrymen and internationally.

As an individual, we need to be honest with our family, friends circle, society, workplace and nation and we will be winning respect from everyone. Being honest with your students will win you their respect, lot many times an educator come across a situation when a question asked by a student cannot be explained or answered or if explained, students are not able to understand, so an educator must honestly say that okay student we will try again /let me think today and will discuss it tomorrow, definitely, students will be impressed by your honesty and will start respecting you even more.

Respect is to be earned and cannot be gained forcefully.
*Honesty is the best policy*.

 Ajay Vijayvargi
The Fabindia School

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