Responsibility and Cooperation - Nikita Rajpurohit

Responsibility is a duty or obligation to do something. Responsible people are the ones that many look up to. They are the people who are considered role models for others to follow and are even known for their examples of responsibility followed by others. They are always the ones who help out. This quality helps people to find a fondness and trustworthiness in them towards those who are responsible.  Whether you are working, going to school, doing housework, or babysitting, being responsible is something that cannot be avoided in your day to day life. Some see the most responsible people as the first ones to call when emergencies happen while others know that a responsible person can be counted without having to be asked to be responsible.

Cooperation refers to the action or process of working together for the same goal. We cannot have cooperation without the development of sympathy. Sympathy depends upon the capacity of an individual to imagine himself in the place of another, particularly when the other person is in difficulties.  Cooperation is possible only when there is like-mindedness, the similarity of purpose, mutual understanding, mutual helpfulness and selfless attitude.

Both are two different terms, for sure, but they play a major role between a student-teacher life. So that student could be responsible for his task, be disciplined and cooperate with everyone in his surrounding. Responsibility of a student is to utilize the time he is spending in the school, gain knowledge, maintain discipline and follow what he is instructed by a teacher. At the same time, a teacher is responsible for giving the best clarification to the students about academics and their life as well. Students are curious because these are the growing years of life and they want to know everything they are still not familiar with. Here comes the role of responsibility of a teacher.

If a student is responsible, it makes it easy for a teacher to give the new- forming brain a good shape. And when a teacher is responsible, it automatically makes it easier for students to shape themselves into a better person every day. Besides responsibility, teachers and students must cooperate with each other or else difficulties might arise for both of them. If a teacher is non- cooperative, students might not feel so comfortable to share their questions/ opinions with him/her. On the other hand, if a student doesn't cooperate with the teacher, it might be difficult for a teacher to bring him on track. Therefore, responsibility and cooperation both are necessary terms in a student-teacher life.

Nikita Rajpurohit
The Fabindia School

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