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Simplicity is straightforwardness. It means to be the way you are. Being simple means avoiding complexity. Simplicity is an essential ingredient to build trust. Simplicity assists you in creating clear goals, focusing on your actions, and getting done. Today's generation is full of showoffs. It is important to involve the simplicity of thoughts in a kid's life. If you look around you will feel that society is very much affected by appearance. If you have a good appearance, you are appreciated in society.

We need to make our kids understand :
- that never judge on the basis of someone's appearance.
- never make someone uncomfortable if he /she is having a simple lifestyle.
- keep your goal/ work simply in order to achieve.
- while having conversation keep things simple to make people understand.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Trust must be shown & reciprocated from one person to another. Trusting someone refers to the acceptance of truth without any evidence.  In society, we are connected through relations and relations are developed on the basis of trust, respect, love & honesty. These four ingredients help to make a sweet dish called trust.

While talking about trust, there are four branches of trust :                                                
 1. Trust yourself - Self-trust means taking care of your needs & safety, you trust yourself to survive in any situation.  It means you refuse to give up on yourself. It increases your confidence.                    
2.  Trust in god- Believing in positive energy even when you lose. Having faith in God that something amazing is planned for you. 
3. Trust in relation - When you believe that your person will never break, they will never be dishonest with you.                                                            
4.  Trust in society - Trusting people whom you don't know. We can also call trust in humanity.

Children in early age trust their teachers and they share everything and teachers trust the children's words. 

Three things related to trust that must be highlighted:
-  ways to build trust.
- learn to forgive if it is broken.
- not to take advantage if somebody trusts you     

How to build trust
Trust is built when you have a clear understanding of someone and keep promises. As a teacher, following classroom activities can be carried out to build trust:
-  debate & discussion in class on trust.
-  arrange a game where one kid is in the centre allowed to fall in backwards & another has to pull him back in the centre.
-team games like football, volleyball, etc. In these games, not only trust among children will increase but unity will also develop.

Learn to forgive
During teenage, children go through many changes. At this phase of life, the right guidance at the right time is very much required. Once trust is broken you cannot fix it as it was. And that broken piece hurts you for the entire life. Forgiveness is not simple but once you forgive it makes your life simple. This should be discussed with the class.

If water is kept in a bowl for a longer period, it becomes poisonous for health so it is necessary to let it go. Same way negativity in the heart destroys your inner strength so it's important to let them flow out.

Never Take advantage of someone's trust:
Many times children take advantage of their friends and parents' trust. It’s important to make them aware that if you will break their trust someday some other person will break yours. 

The relation between simplicity and trust 
Simplicity in appearance & thoughts attracts everyone towards you. When a message is conveyed in simple words, it is understood by everyone. When people start understanding your words, they start trusting their actions. In an organization, if you make things simple & clear, better results are delivered. Simple teaching techniques help kids to understand & develop an interest in the subject. When you make things simple for children, they trust you.  In students' lives, a phase comes when they get stuck in some situation. If children know that you will understand and make things easier, they then will trust you & discuss with you. 

Shivani Rao
The Fabindia School

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