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Concentration is the ability to focus the mind on one subject, object or thought without being distracted. Most people lack the ability to concentrate. Concentration plays an important role in students' lives. It means control of the attention. When you read a book that is very interesting, you do not hear people shouting or calling your name. The whole energy of your mind becomes concentrated on that one Book. Concentration and consistency improve quality work and help in gaining success.

But nowadays there are a lot of distractions for students such as cinemas, tv shows and online social networking platforms. Many students are addicted to computer games and social networking sites. These distracting things that will definitely hinder our performance. 

Concentration and Meditation should start from childhood and it will be highly helpful to them in later stages. Daily yoga exercise should be performed to increase this ability in children. Students in early age can be mould in any shape. It does not help in controlling their mind and also helps to avoid negative thoughts and enable them to gain inner peace. Performing sharpens their memory and improves their ability to study and do creative work.

Shivani Rao
The Fabindia School

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