Lockdown: Pressure Management: Jitendra Suthar

Adaptation is basic attribute of human being. We are meant to adapt all the situations we
come in contact with. Everyone around is trying to accept this condition and are making efforts to get back on track. While doing so, there has been a lot of pressure on each individual to tackle this pandemic situation; pressure like food, shelter, work, water and many more.

Many a time, we keep on working with the thought that there will be some relief but load increases accordingly. For this, it is better to schedule a time for each work. Do not give extra efforts to one work as the other might get delayed. By this, a person might start getting frustrated.

In these situations, we should have some stress buster activities. Such activities like taking a break from such pressure and spending time with family, Playing fun games, reading comics, listening to music, drawing etc.

What is the best way to stay happy in this lockdown period? Many a time we think of doing something but are not able to do because of the daily busy schedule. This is the best time to utilize and keep ourselves busy.  We should get engaged in activities like exercise, cooking, gardening and many more.

Jitendra Suthar
The Fabindia School

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