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To simplify complications is the first essential of success. 

- George Earle Buckle

Ruchi was a very diligent student and took a keen interest in academics. There was only one subject in which she was not very interested, and that was Mathematics. Maths seems to be a tricky subject for some students mainly because they are unable to clearly understand the topics, and so it was with Ruchi. She was so scared of this subject that she dreaded attending the classes. Somehow she managed to pull herself to get the passing mark, every year.

Ruchi was very apprehensive as she started her new session in grade VIII. She knew that it would not be possible to keep up her average scores if she was not able to fare well in Mathematics. Little did she know, that her new Maths teacher in school would change the way she looked at the subject all these years. 

The way the teacher approached the class on the very first day, made the children feel at ease with the subject, even before she had started on the topics. The way she explained the sums in class, their underlying concepts, made all the children realise how simple they were. 

Ruchi was surprised that she could understand even the difficult problems easily, given the manner of the teacher’s explanations. She gained confidence in herself as she started solving problems on her own - just by following the processes taught at school. To her disbelief, 

Ruchi found herself willingly practising Mathematics at home whenever she could. Her parents, too, noticed this change in their daughter. She felt comfortable in having her doubts cleared by the teacher. Ruchi confided to her parents that she had developed an interest in Mathematics and was no longer scared of it. She was sure that her new teacher was a Maths wizard as she made every problem unravel in a simple manner. She also mentioned to them that the ever-smiling teacher never seemed to get annoyed by the various queries that the children flooded her with. She patiently answered every one of them. Hence, their class trusted this teacher a lot. 

Simplicity is a way of life. Simplicity makes for easy-going life and takes away the unnecessary worries and baggage that we carry. Trust can be built, easily, by people who have a simple yet firm outlook on life.

 - Innovators @ Billabong High International School, Thane
  Bhumi Punjabi, Vaishali Phatak, Krishnakshi RaviShankor, Smita Bhobate

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