Happiness and Tolerance: Sandeep Singh

The happiness which is achieved through material things is called temporary happiness. The real meaning of happiness is showing contentment. This contentment comes through the process of meditation. The activity of doing meditation can make children deeper thinkers. It also improves concentration and generally gains greater self- understanding and peace of mind. Life is full of joy. So we should make our children appreciate and acknowledge all our feelings and let it feel them positively

Tolerance means the ability to tolerate something. Children can develop their tolerance skills through listening to other people’s views, respecting each other, showing patience, understanding the needs of others and showing appreciation for everyone’s differences. Tolerance also means rejecting unfair stereotypes, discovering common ground and creating new bonds. When teachers encourage tolerant attitudes in their children, talk about their values, and model the behaviour they would like to see by treating others well, kids will follow their footsteps. 

Sandeep Singh
The Fabindia School

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