Honesty always wins Respect - Bharti Rao

Honesty is not just about telling lies, but it is about being true to yourself and others. Honesty empowers us and promotes our openness. Honesty is a value which brings admiration and respect for you. If you are honest everyone will trust and believe you. We all are familiar with the saying, ‘Actions speak louder than words’. We need to be honest at our workplaces and show our integrity towards the management, staff and colleagues. We should always respect the emotions of others and lend an ear to others.

Communicating honestly and directly with one another helps to create harmonious and respectful relationships. If you are honest and respectful towards yourself, then only others will know that you understand what respect is. There are many instances when our students, colleagues and support staff exhibit their honesty and we respect them for their value.

During the pandemic period, Jeevaramji and Tejaji kept the school intact and thriving by honestly giving their services. Their love for the environment made them the real warriors of COVID-19. We respect them for their honesty. Bhavesh Choudhary from Class X volunteered for Scout and Guide Service Project. He distributed masks at his Village Lunava; these masks have been made at home out of his pocket money. We respect his family for encouraging him. I end by quoting,’ Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated, Trust is gained, Loyalty is returned.’

Bharti Rao
The Fabindia School  

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