Honesty and Respect - Punita Chouhan

Honesty is being sincere, truthful and frank. It helps us to be trustworthy and get lots of respect in life because honest people are really trusted by others. These people are always respected in their family and society. Honesty is the most remarkable expression of self-respect and other-respect, without any concessions to self-deception or other- deception.

Honesty is the foundation for our daily interaction with friends, students and other people. Whenever we talk with them, they feel happy and secure because it also shows a part of our good and clean character, so honesty helps to develop quality property in behaviour. Honesty is the quality of communicating and acting truthfully. As we share with students, the daily schedule may be in the class, in the playground, in the activities, in the examination time and at result time. It helps children to be stronger, better and independent people. It creates a feeling of joy and goodwill in one’s heart. For improving interest in these values, stories and plays are very helpful sources for us. This promise is about the choices we make and how we treat others. Acting with honesty is a very important part of being an honest person. We must always remember to tell the truth no matter how hard it is. We must also be respectful towards others, ourselves and property around us. To show we are always following this promise we must always listen in class, follow instructions the first of being asked and show respect to school by looking after our environment. Honest people never lie, cheat or steal. An honest person is a genius, fair with everyone, sincere with work, always speaks truth and loyalty. Honesty is a feeling of pride, self-worth and character. Some people who are known for their honesty like: - Martin Luther, Cochise, Barbara Jordan, Confucius, Raja Harishchandra and Mahatma Gandhi etc. These people always live in the heart of people. Punita Chouhan The Fabindia School

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